Painting with Jon Powell

Jonathan Powell studied at Swansea Metropolitan University gaining an MA Distinction in Contemporary dialogues in 2012. Jonathan was a director of Exposure Gallery, Swansea from 2004 – 07 and has been Curator and Director at Elysium Gallery, Swansea from 2007 – present. He also runs the Beep Painting Prize Biennial.

Elysium Gallery and Studios.

Elysium Gallery is an artist led, not for profit, social enterprise comprising of 83 studio spaces and a contemporary art gallery over 3 venues in Swansea City Centre, Wales, United Kingdom. Elysium Gallery currently provides 12 studios and an exhibition space at 16 College Street and 13 studios at 2 Mansel Street. The Orchard Street venue above Volcano Theatre is home to 35 studio spaces, the is this/this is test-bed space, communal library & research areas and a rolling artist residency programme on the 2nd floor. Whilst the first floor houses 21 studios aimed at artists setting up new businesses within the creative sector. We also run various offsite exhibitions and events both locally, nationally and internationally.

Jon talks through his painting career, the themes he has explored and presents a slide show of images to the group.

He explains how he has come to be Director of Elysium Gallery and Studios as well as running the Beep Painting Prize.

Jon’s current practise is investigating buildings, place, history and considers questions such as why art? Why painting?

A short section of film is shown Cave of forgotten Dreams by Werner Herzog

The first warm up task is to paint on cardboard using only black paint. Focusing on shapes and lines to loosen up and not be precious over work.

Gradually increasing the size of the carboard and moving into colour. Each piece is displayed on the studio walls surrounding the class with their paintings.

Each student is also provided with canvas board to paint a series on.

The over-arching theme of the work appears to be apocalyptic, which suits Jon perfectly considering his 2014 Mission Gallery solo exhibition When We Build Again.



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