Animation with Tim Stokes

Tim is an artist and a technical creative with experience working with art and design projects, film, animation and multimedia production.

Tim begins by introducing the history of animation and the different films that revolutionized the industry. Jason and the Argonauts was the first film that blended live action with stop motion animation, Tim explained that stop animation is what the participants will be experimenting with today.

The rapid pace of how animation techniques have developed is shown in that this once ground breaking style e.g./ Toy Story is now out of date. Although it suited the skills of the time, we have come much further and the lines have become blurred into realism. For example the Animators who worked on Jurassic Park, actually built the skeletons of the dinosaurs. Building from skeleton they were able to create the layers of muscle and skin, which allows the creatures to move as they ought.

Tim used the classic anime film ‘Spirited Away’ as an example of what can be achieved using the stop motion method. Spirited Away is also interesting because it’s the visuals that inform the story. This is the style participants will be working in today, allowing their drawings to inform their animations.

These animations will be small gestures morphing from one stage to another. Tim asks the participants to think of them almost as memes or GIFs, and how we are living in a world that communicates more through images than sentences.


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