Public Architecture with Phil Cheater

Saturday 14th January 2017
Neath Port Talbot Group

Phil Cheater introduced himself to the students as an artist who works with public art and structures. He said that today they would be investigated ideas surrounding this and making a piece of architecture.

Phil shows the group a series of images, these include his own work along with examples of public art, spaces and different buildings and structures across the world. Included in this are geodesic domes, some with parametric design – Phil goes on to explain what he means by these.

The students are going to make their own structures from corrugated plastic, tape and vinyl. What they construct does not have to be limited to one building; it can be multiple structures that work together, designed for an ulterior purpose, such as to amplify sound.

Before they begin, Phil takes the students on a tour of his studio space, which is also based at Elysium Gallery. Students are allowed to look around the space and ask questions about the different artworks and works in progress.

Back in the gallery space, the group takes various precut pieces of plastic, along with scissors, cutting boards and clear tape. Phil explains that the students are to play with these pieces, manipulate their own shapes if need be and start to construct their own designs. Pencil and paper is also handed out so they can start to draw and think about their ideas.

The structures begin to develop; some large and reaching higher and higher, others play with geometry and start to develop areas, spaces and openings from the plastic shapes fitting together.

After lunch, many structures are near finished. Phil gathers the group and on a model he has been making alongside the group, demonstrates how to cut and stick various layers of coloured plastic vinyl. There is a range of colours to choose from.

Phil’s model is placed on a light box and the now multicoloured plastic structure starts to glow and reflect light on its interior.

The students all start to select the vinyl and cut various shapes to add a coloured signature or covering to their design.

Phil asks them to write a short statement about where they have made and where they can imagine them going.

Swansea Group
21st January 2017





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