Conceptual Art with Bella Kerr


Conceptual Art with Bella Kerr

Sunday 7th & Sunday 14th February

Neath Port Talbot & Swansea

Having spent time in the exhibition space, making notes and drawing, students were encouraged to select words to describe the art work in the Rhian Haf’s ‘Captured Moments’. Bella showed the group examples of Constructivist images which illustrated ideas of abstract compositions as seen in the exhibition. Before starting work a discussion was held of ideas of composition. Collage materials were used to experiment with different effects in temporary compositions to start with, followed then by more permanent compositions. Each of the compositions to each other on the page: considering contrasting composions – some intricate, some more simplified, some dynamic some balanced.

Students were encouraged to experiment with a range of random shapes. Using craft knives and a range of different tones from newspapers/ magazines they began collaging pieces together. They could also use letters as shapes – rather than their meaning enabling ideas to grow and evolve away from the original starting point. Words which leapt out from the selected magazine and newspaper pages could be responded to and any accidents happened as the work was being created became positive additions as the compositions developed.

The compositions were developed into 3d forms which grew out of the worksheets in the same responsive way – responding to random shapes which happen rather than having a plan. Students were asked to consider the way in which the sculptural compositions cast shadows and the effect the light has on different surfaces. The group ended the Master Class by photographing their sculptural forms.


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