Enhanced Perception with Kath Clewett


Perception Master Class with Kath Clewett

10th and 24th January 2016

Neath Port Talbot and Swansea Students

After being led into and introduced to the exhibition space of Mission Gallery, each group explored the exhibition space. They were asked to gather as much information as possible, by sketching, photographing and noting descriptive words. 

In order to manipulate their viewpoint the groups were asked to create a pair of ‘goggles’ in the loosest term. The importance of the ‘goggle’ was to give an alternative form of seeing rather than to physically look like a form of spectacle. Being as imaginative as possible and after lots of cutting, sticking and layering of materials a series of ‘view points’ were created. Toying between making, adjusting and wearing the ‘goggles’ resulted in a controlled outlook.

The ‘goggles’ were worn in the exhibition space as the group used them, transforming their view as they drew parts of the display. They also became perfect lens filters when photographing and experimentation began as they were used to project light through, casting shadow, colour and pattern on top of the artworks. After drawing their new found view students were encouraged to manipulate their paper drawings by cutting into them, collaging on top and by adding text. By working in layers they created mixed media pieces of collage that re created the outlook from their ‘goggles’.

IMG_5279IMG_52782016-01-24 10.32.162016-01-24 10.27.092016-01-24 11.01.562016-01-24 11.24.19IMG_5299IMG_5305IMG_53162016-01-24 11.27.452016-01-24 11.41.102016-01-24 11.25.192016-01-24 12.48.382016-01-24 12.49.49IMG_5350IMG_5371IMG_53602016-01-10 13.47.54IMG_53652016-01-24 13.39.342016-01-24 13.44.282016-01-24 13.49.51



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