Photography Master Class with Eva Bartussek


Photography Master Class with Eva Bartussek

6th and 13th December 2015

Neath Port Talbot and Swansea Students

Students were introduced to the idea of filtering their photographs. Eva explained how a photograph filter could augment the captured image just by placing it in front of the camera lens or simply by altering the settings in which the photograph is taken.

Colourful lens filters were created by layering various transparent/ pierced materials which would allow the camera to look through but also distort the image. The students used their handmade camera filters to photograph Anna Noel’s exhibition, Telling Tales.

On arrival at Swansea Museum, each student to select two words out of a bag full of random words. Eva then asked that the students combine the words and photograph a display in the museum that could be interoperated as the meaning.

Arriving back at Mission Gallery the students had the chance to share their taken photographs with each other, explaining their thoughts and reasoning behind each image. They shared the results of their filter photography and also their word association images.

As a final fun task the students assisted Eva in setting up her studio lights and screen in order to take shadow effect photographs. Using colourful, transparent materials and their own shadows the group created a series of scenes behind the screen.

2015-12-06 11.11.102015-12-06 11.11.272015-12-06 11.11.452015-12-06 11.18.002015-12-13 11.04.082015-12-13 11.08.132015-12-13 11.23.292015-12-13 11.48.112015-12-13 11.53.152015-12-13 11.55.312015-12-06 13.00.202015-12-06 12.48.532015-12-06 13.05.132015-12-06 13.05.242015-12-06 13.06.272015-12-06 13.12.342015-12-06 13.24.262015-12-13 12.39.082015-12-13 13.06.372015-12-13 13.20.102015-12-13 13.22.202015-12-13 13.24.092015-12-13 13.30.102015-12-13 13.34.44


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