Tour of Swansea with Lee Williams


Tour of Swansea with Lee Williams

22nd November 2015

Neath Port Talbot and Swansea Students

The Tour of Swansea Art began at Elysium Gallery. Upon arrival, Jonathan Powell — director of the gallery — introduced himself and Espy the international photography exhibition run by Elysium Gallery. He spoke about the history of Elysium, its roots and the journey it had taken to get to its current stage. After exploring the Espy Exhibition, students were given the task of finding the winning image and noting why.

Jonathan led the group to the Elysium Gallery artist studios — an open plan room where artists have their own individual spaces to design and create, surrounding themselves with their art and inspirations. The group had the opportunity to look at each individual space, including a section of the studio that was designated to University of Wales Trinity Saint David MA students, The Elysium Gallery residency space and the Mission Gallery Jane Phillips Award residency space. Students were also taken to see Catrin Webster’s Paintings from Buenos Aires exhibition at Volcano Theatre

During the journey back towards the Marina, the group were able to view Sean Puleston’s We are here and Rik Bennett’s Terpsichorean Triowhich, which were a part of Locws International’s Art Across the City. Stopping in the National Waterfront Museum the Master Class participants could then view the Swansea College of Art UWTSD’s Art and Design Foundation course’s exhibition Process where the process of the art becomes the outcome.

On returning to Mission Gallery, the group explored Anna Noel’s Telling Tales using their sketchbooks to capture their favourite piece in the exhibition. A brief discussion was held to give everyone the opportunity to show their drawings and to discuss what it was that they enjoyed about their subject.

2015-11-22 10.25.352015-11-22 10.48.012015-11-22 10.49.032015-11-22 11.26.302015-11-22 11.27.322015-11-22 11.35.472015-11-22 11.37.532015-11-22 11.45.212015-11-22 11.51.50-22015-11-22 13.20.342015-11-22 13.30.122015-11-22 13.34.16.jpg2015-11-22 13.44.092015-11-22 13.43.42


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