Master Class with David Chambers


Architectural Class with David Chambers

8th and 15th November 2015

Neath Port Talbot and Swansea Students

David Chambers began his Master class by presenting his vast portfolio of work to the group. The presentation covered all aspects of ‘Swansea Fitted’ Civic Stage – an installation that is currently on display at the Museum Green, Swansea – from the research, design and engagement with the public to incorporate their ideas into the structure. The group ventured out for a short walk to view the structure, being given the task of circulating and photographing so that they would be confident in recreating it on return to the workshop.

On return to Mission Gallery templates of the Civic Stage were handed out to be cut out and recreated to form the structure that had previously been visited. Once the cardboard structures were created, three uses for the Civic Stage were to be designed. The designs could be as flexible and innovative as they were needed to be and were to be built around or on top of the existing frame of the structure.

The model making skills learnt in putting the templates together were used to bring one of the three designs to life as the group extended and manipulated their existing Civic Stage models. Templates of people were handed out so that the group could stick to a realistic scale and the fun began as the sketched designs eventually came to life.

2015-11-08 10.46.52

2015-11-08 10.44.30-2

2015-11-08 11.33.022015-11-08 11.36.362015-11-15 13.11.482015-11-15 11.36.342015-11-08 11.51.562015-11-15 12.51.322015-11-08 13.00.292015-11-08 13.11.102015-11-15 13.40.57IMG_4757IMG_47652015-11-08 14.28.092015-11-08 14.28.172015-11-08 14.28.28


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